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Everything about 777 Charlie movie: cast, release date, and story

Everything about 777 Charlie movie: cast, release date, and story

Everything about 777 Charlie movie: cast, release date, and story

 777 Charlie movie: cast, release date, and story : The Charlie movie is about the relationship between a man and a dog which is rare these days to see . Kiranraj K. directed the movie 777 charlie is a Kannada-language film. Everyone is excited about the movie to watch and experience the relationship between the dog and man.

Everything about 777 Charlie movie: cast, release date, and story

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Although, we all are surprised to know this beautiful story because this film is coming with a new concept and unique idea that we were never supposed and watched ever.

Read further all the information related to the 777 Charlie movie.

When will be 777 Charlie movie released ?

If you are keep looking for the 777 Charlie release date 2022, here you get the exact release date. As per the trailer information, the 777 Charlie release date is 10th June 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

Charlie 777 OTT film is going to be a Badass movie in cinema history. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch 777 charlie BookMyShow through.

Fans are crazy about the movie when they binge-watch the trailer 777 charlie.

777 Charlie movie Casts Name 

This movie is going to break the record in the Kannada cinema. 777 charlie casts are Rakshit Shetty as Dharma a lead role character and Raj B. Shetty as dr. Ashwin Kumar, Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika a supporting lead role,

and Danish Sait as Karshan Roy. All these casts are great in this film and good human beings as well.

They all hold the movie completely and steal fans’ hearts. One of the most important characters in this film is the Dog by which Charlie movie names have been set up. The Dog name in 777 Charlie  film is Charlie, who is kind and intelligent in this film.

                 Rakshit Shetty                                                        Sangeetha Sringeri

Rakshit Shetty                  Sangeetha Sringeri

What is the story of 777 Charlie ? 

As you read above, 777 Charlie is a movie about a Dog, who is showing his love to a man. In this film, you will be going to watch the adventure of a man and a dog who want to live together, but people are against them .

777 Charlie movie

The naive people are wanted to throw out the dog from the society area because they think he is stinky, wild, and creepy. A man stood by side of the dog and protect him from every crisis.

You will watch the scene where a man fights with militants and civilians to save his dog. Also, The training center of a dog by which the dog and his partner Dharma will become famous to win a competition.

They influence many people in this film by showing their lovable relationship with each other.


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