• November 8, 2022

Freddy Movie 2022 | Story | Release Date

Freddy Movie 2022 | Story | Release Date

Freddy Movie 2022 : Recently, the teaser for this film has been released on Dineplus Hotstar. This movie is going to be very funny and cool. After watching this, you are going to have fun and entertainment. The film is going to be awesome. In this film, you are going to see entertainment, drama, action, and thrills.

Freddy Movie 2022

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Freddy Movie 2022 Story 

Karthik Aryan is going to play the role of a dentist in the story. Karthik Aryan has a small hospital. He also has some nurses working with him. The story begins from there. when a patient comes to Kartik Aaryan to show his teeth. The patient does not know that this dentist is psycho.

Kartik Aaryan is treating his teeth. So the patient becomes very scared. This dentist should not have taken my life. After that, something like this happens. Kartik Aaryan takes her life. And then Karthik Aryan slowly takes the lives of many people. and starts burying all the lassos.

What does Kartik Aaryan want to do after all? Is he really a psychodentist? to know what happens next. You have to watch this movie on Disney Plus on Hotstar.

Freddy Movie 2022 Release date

We are going to be seen in this film. Kartik aaryan. who is a very good actor. Karthik Aaryan has directed many hit films ( Bhulaiyaa 2 ) .

Kartik Aaryan is going to play the role of a dentist in this film. From the trailer of the film itself, it seems that Karthik Aaryan is going to play a psycho dentist. The film is going to release soon on Disneyland Hotstar. 2 ,Dec 2022

Freddy Movie Details 

  1. Cast Name – Kartik Aaryan
  2. Director – Shashanka Ghosh
  3. Producer – ektaa kapoor, shobha kapoor, jai shewakramani
  4. Release Date – 2 , December 2022
  5. OTT – disneyplus hotstar

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