• May 7, 2022

Gaddar Ullu Web Series ( Jaghanya )

Gaddar Ullu Web Series ( Jaghanya )

Gaddar Ullu Web Series ( Jaghanya )

Gaddaar Ullu Web Series ( jaghanya ) App has released a new teaser for Gaddaar, an Indian Ullu webseries on YouTube and Twitter. It will be available on Ullu official app on May 10.


Gaddar Ullu Web Series ( Jaghanya )

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In today’s era, people are getting crazy about Webseries. Day by day, people’s interest in Webseries is growing,and it seems that the coming generation will be crazy about Webseries as well.

As you would be well aware of, the Ullu app keeps on releasing new Webseries trailers every day.

Release Date || GADDAR ||

Ullu’s next Webseries is Gaddaar, which alerts us about crime, which will be released on May 10th on Ullu’s official app.If you want to see its trailer, then you can watch it on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also watch it on YouTube.

Story of Gaddar webseries

Today we are going to tell you about the story of the Ullu Ke Gaddar web series. The web series begins with the murder of Uday.The cops arrived to investigate the homicide.

The maid told the police that she had seen the girl coming into the house. In front of the police, the family members started accusing each other of property.

Uday’s nephew

Uday’s nephew told the police that when there was complete silence in the shop, there was no one there, then the girl had come to meet Uncle.

Papa had no enemies who could take his life. Even if there was a fight with someone, Papa would usually calm down. Papa was nice and honest.

The policeman asked the girl with whom and when such a quarrel happened.

There was once a time with Nisha Didi and Pawan.To see the full story ahead, you can watch its trailer on YouTube.

# How can you watch this Webseries  ( Gaddar ) ?

You can watch Ullu Jaganya Gaddar online a few days after its release for free. It is easily available on apps like MX player.


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