• June 22, 2022

Jaadugar netflix release time

Jaadugar netflix release time

Jaadugar netflix release time

Jaadugar netflix release time : Netflix has released a powerful trailer for its magician. It can be guessed from its trailer that the boy named Meenu likes magic. Its release date will be on Netflix on July 15.

Jaadugar netflix release time

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Jaadugar netflix release time | Details

  • Movie Name  : Jaadugar  2022 ( announcement )
  • Language        : Hindi
  • OTT                   : Netflix
  • Director          : Sameer Saxena
  • Release Date : 15 July 2022

Jaadugar netflix | Story

This is the story of a magician named Meenu, and he is overjoyed to hear himself named Magic Meenu.

Meenu : The guru wants to make Meenu a great bootballer, But Meenu is not interested in bootball. His only wish is to become a good magician who has a name all over the world. One day, there is an entry of a girl into Meenu’s life. Seeing that Meenu falls in love, after a few days, she goes to the same girl to show her eye problem.

After a few days, both of them fall in love, but Meenu wants to marry her. Meenu proposes marriage to that girl. Meenu goes to his guru one day. His guru says that every time you leave a football match, now we leave you. This match is no joke.

The story of the magician is full of action and romantic scenes. It has all kinds of dramatic adaptations. Watch the next story on Netflix on July 15th.Jaadugar netflix

Jaadugar netflix  | How To Watch

If you want to watch this film on Netflix, you will not have to wait much for it as it will be available on Netflix on July 15. If you wish to view it without charge,

then you have to wait a few days. If you like our post, then follow this page.

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