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Kantara Movie , Release Date ,Story , Watch Online

Kantara Movie , Release Date ,Story , Watch Online

Kantara Movie Recently, the Hindi trailer for Kantara was released. This movie is going to be released in theatres soon. The movie is said to be tremendous. Its trailer has made the fans very excited. Fans are very eager to see this movie. There’s going to be a lot of thrills, horror, drama, and suspense in the movie. In the trailer for the film itself, we can see very good visuals and cinematography.Kantara Movie

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Kantara Movie Story

The Story of the film begins in 1847, when a king is shown. the one who has everything. good wife, children, good subjects, and wealth. But there is no peace in his kingdom. After that, the king roams through many temples. and worships a lot. But I still do not know how to find peace.

Then a pandit suggested that you travel to find peace. Keep looking for it until you find peace. Then, after travelling a lot, he reaches a jungle. In the same forest, it hears a strange sound. He goes to her to hear her voice. After reaching there, he sees a stone. This is God. On seeing this god, the king folds his hands.

Then the people of the forest come there. The king asks the people of the forest for their God. Then God comes to a man there.God responds, “There is one thing you must first do if you wish to bring me along.As far as I can hear the sound of my screaming, you will have to give the land to these forest dwellers.

The king reigns supreme. And the forest gives the land to the residents. Now the story begins in this village in 1970, when a festival is going on. Shiva’s father is dancing at this festival, wearing the clothes of God. Then a relative of the king arrives. and asks for his land back.

Then Bhagwan comes inside Shiva’s father and tells him that he will not get this land because there was an agreement for it. I will not give up this land. After that, Shiva’s father runs away from there. And after stopping in the forest, he circles around and vanishes. After this, the story begins in the 1990s, where our hero is running with two buffaloes. Our hero hunts wild boar in the jungle.

The next day, Murlidhar, a forest officer, gets posted in that village. He is very loyal to his work. and keeps thinking only about the safety of the forest. One day, Murlidhar, along with Shiva and his friends, sees him fetching some wood from the forest and threatens to capture them. Shiva has a girlfriend named Leela, who has recently come to her village after doing forest guard training.

At the same time, the Forest Police are digging some pits in the forest. The villagers frequently stop the policeman. but doesn’t stop. Shiva’s girlfriend is also on the same leg. But she doesn’t do anything, due to which all the villagers get angry with him. and Shiva too.

One day, Shiva and Devender were roaming in the forest at night. Devender goes to meet his girlfriend, and Shiva is waiting in the same forest. Then God appeared to him. In another form, he gets scared and starts running. It’s lucky to know what happens next. Remember to see this movie in a Theatre.

Kantara Movie Details

  • Director : Rishab Shett
  •  Producer : Vijay Kiragandur
  • Release Date : 14 October , 2022 ( Theatre ) 
  • Lead role : rishab shetty



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