• September 21, 2022

Karm yudh Hotstar , Watch Online ,Cast , Release Date

Karm yudh Hotstar , Watch Online ,Cast , Release Date

karm yudh Hotstar is about to launch another new web series, which is going to be released soon. The story of this series has been shot in Kolkata. All its episodes will be available to start on September 30, 2022. There is going to be a lot of crime thrill love in this web series. There are several adult scenes in this web series.

Karm yudh Hotstar

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Karm yudh Hotstar { Story }

This web series is based on the Royal Family in Kolkata. The story begins from there, when many people are burned to death in a deserted place. whose news was being shown on the news. And there were some students and villagers who were holding peaceful dharnas. As a result, the families of those who have died are given soap. When Ujwala Motwani comes to know about this, she files the case.

After that, the police arrive there. and filter it. Then she goes to inquire about the Royal Family, because everyone knows that the Royal Family can do anything to get power. There is another story going on here. In which Indrani’s stepson, Ayushmann Roy, falls in love with a college girl.

He goes to the pub with the girl. And there, Ayushman kisses her. After that, she pulls him and slaps him. So, will the police be able to solve this case? And why is there such a bloodbath in the Royal Family?To know this, you will have to watch this series on Disney+ Hotstar.

This movie has a lot of fun scenes and will entertain you; you can watch it on Disney Hoster.

Karm yudh Hotstar details

  • Name                  : Karm yudh Hotstar 
  • Release date    : September 30, 2022.
  • OTT Platform : Disney+Hotstar
  • Director           : Ravi Adhikari


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