• May 2, 2022

Pathshala Part 2 Teaser ( Trailer )

Pathshala Part 2 Teaser ( Trailer )

Pathshala Part 2 Teaser ( Trailer )

Pathshala Part 2 Teaser will be released soon on Rabbit Movies. Today we are going to tell you about Pathshala Part 2. It is coming soon to Rabbit’s films.

Pathshala Part 2 Teaser ( Trailer )

On YouTube today, Rabbit App released the trailer for their upcoming webseries Pathshala Part 2. Partshala 2 is an Indian webseries available on the Rabbit app.

Pathshala Part 2 release Date

Pathshala Part 2 will release soon on Rabbit App. There are 3 parts in this web series. Pathshala part 2 will be released in Hindi language

The trailer of Pathshala Part 2 has been released on YouTube, if you want to see its trailer, then you can watch it by searching it on YouTube, there is a lot of romantic and powerful scenes.

Pathshala Part 2 full Details

  1. Release Date                : upcoming soon
  2. Webseries Name        : pathshala part 2
  3. Country                        : India
  4. Language                     : Hindi
  5. OTT Platform             : Rabbit App

Pathshala Part 1

This is the story of a village where a female teacher named “Malai Bhabhi” teaches. Malai Bhabhi receives private education at her home. In this tuition, the teacher tells her students about love, then a student starts opening the zip of paint. The teacher says in style, not to romance, but to study for romance.

Pathshala Part 2

At the beginning of Pathshala Part 2, Malai Bhabhi is walking out of the way when there are two men sitting there, one of whom is seeing the other man saying, “Who is this ghat drinking water ? Who is the woman of the happy destined man ?

Lead Role
Ankita Dave is a very popular Rabbit star and also a model who is famous for her amazing and bold looks. She is an Indian actress .

Pathshala Part 2: How to Watch ?

You can easily watch Pathshala Part 2 on the Rabbit app. You can also see it by visiting the official Rabbit website.You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

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