• July 5, 2022

Sursuri-Li Part 2 Ullu Web Series,Trailer,Release Date ,Cast

Sursuri-Li Part 2 Ullu Web Series,Trailer,Release Date ,Cast
The trailer of the Sursuri-Li Part 2 Web Series has been launched. From its trailer, it is known that it is full of romance as well as drama. It will be released in 3 days, i.e., on July 8th. Sursuri-Li Part 2 Read Also : Choodiwala Ullu Web Series,Release Date, Cast , Story

Story | Sursuri-Li Part 2 

There is a family in the story of Sursuri-Li Part 2, in which a father wants to marry his son. His second son is quite straightforward. When his father went to a wedding, a man showed his father red-coloured tights. In this Web Series, the wife of the boy who gets married says that you should prepare for the honeymoon, and the girl also says that the honeymoon is not only for the boys but also for the girl. On the day both are on honeymoon, the boy tells the girl that I want to take you to the moon. The girl says with great love that I will know this by seeing your rocket. The story of Bhabhi and Devar is also shown in the last part of this web series. Bhabhi’s husband is out, and Devar says to Bhabhi, “How weak you have become already.”

Release Date | Sursuri-Li Part 2 

The release date of Sursuri-Li Part 1 was July 1st. This web series was liked by many. Its next part, Sursuri-Li Part 2, will be released in its best style on July 8th on Ullu’s official app.Visiting YouTube will allow you to see its trailer. sursuri-Li part 2


  1. Nidhi Mahawan 
  2. Ankur Malhotra
  3. Mahi Khan 
  4. Ankur Malhotra

How To Watch | Sursuri-Li 

There are 2 parts to this web series which is being liked by everyone. It will be available on the official app on July 8. First, you can download it from the playstore and watch it by subscription. In today’s era, the trend of web series is spreading rapidly. Nowadays, youth are very excited about watching web series.

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