• May 26, 2022

Vikram upcoming film 2022

Vikram upcoming film 2022

Vikram upcoming film 2022

Vikram upcoming film 2022 : The trailer of Kamal Haasan’s upcoming movie Vikram in 2022 has been released on YouTube. People are liking the style of the Vikram movie, which you can see. It will be released on the big screens on June 3.

Vikram upcoming film 2022

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The South Star Kamal Haasan’s action movie has been released in the South Indian languages of Tamil and Hindi. Nowadays, the craze of South Indian films is going on, which is being liked by everyone.

Vikram movie 2022 release date

Kamal Haasan’s action movie will be released in the cinema hall on June 3. Its trailer has been released. The craze for this movie is going on slowly.

Vikram upcoming film 2022 | Cast

Kamal Hasaan 

kamal Hasaan

Kamal Hasaan  is a famous actor in South Indian films . He has a lot of names in the South, and people like to watch movies with his name.

         Shivani Narayanan

Shivani Narayanan

Shivani Narayan is a beautiful actress of South Indian films. Her performance attracts the audience a lot. This was the season 4 contest of Bigg Boss

Vikram  2022 | Story 

Kamal Haasan’s action film is being liked by everyone and it also has goosebumps scenes. There is dialogue like, If there is no jungle, then the lion, leopard, and cheetah go out on the hunt to escape.

If the deer wants to escape, the sunset will happen tomorrow. Who will live to see in the morning ?  Nature will not decide when the morning will be in this forest, only me.

Director : Lokesh Kanagaraj 

Vikram Movie Budget 2022 

Kamal Haasan’s team worked hard to make this movie. It has been made for approx. 100 crores to 1500 crores.

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